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So what's this site all about then..? Well that is simple!

What we are going to do is make this a performance based traffic provider that will not only
generate a LOT of commissions and build multiple downlines but will be an AMAZING tool
for you to promote on locations that you have spare credits or simply have contacts...

The way it works is quite unique

Member #1 promotes their credit earning link (lets say 500 times in one day)
now what they have done is used up spare credits on traffic exchanges etc but this promotion
will show other members websites and at the same time they will build their downline here!

Member #1 earns a base rate of credits in return for this promotion and the rest is placed into our Traffic Pot

At the end of each day we calculate the amount of promotions for ALL members and based on
YOUR promotion for that day you receive a share of ALL the additional credits that are placed
in our Traffic Pot and this could be a LOT!!!

Our account structure works in TWO ways... Free members and Pro members and we'll be
splitting up the pot in various ways but Pro members will receive a share of ALL the credits
regardless if they promoted that day or not...

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